6 Things That Happen To Your Boobs as You Age

Our friends at YourTango chronicle in what ways our boobs age and how to cope as we grow older. As if you didn’t already have enough to worry about. I have a confession to make. I have never been happy with the way my boobs look. Ever. (OK, so maybe a woman over the age […]

If You Want to Run Longer, This Is a Must

Ever wonder why some days you feel like you can keep running and running while on others you have zero stamina? Certainly the amount of sleep you got the night before, stress levels, and diet play a role in how you perform during your runs, but how you regulate your breath during your jogging session […]

10 Tips That Will Make You a Better Runner

[unable to retrieve full-text content] No matter what your running level, you can always be a better runner. Here are our favorite tips that we’ve used to become better runners over the years! Related:If You Want to Run Longer, This Is a MustHow Working Out Is Better Than Therapy POPSUGAR Fitness

A Clean-Eating Plan That Helps You Meal Prep

Eating clean is easy when you have all the ingredients on hand. This two-week plan sets you up for success with easy-to-make recipes, printable shopping lists, and a weekly rundown of what to make, save, and prep. The plan, created by the registered dietitians Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh of C&J Nutrition, focuses on whole […]