35 Stretches Your Body Is Begging For

Rest days, recovery, self-care . . . all things that are too often overlooked. We’re here to tell you: don’t skip the stretch! Stretching is essential for keeping your body healthy, preventing injury, and ensuring that you’ll be in good shape for the next workout. After every workout, be sure to give the muscles you […]

This Country Star Has an Important Message For Women Struggling With Body Image

For anyone struggling with body image, especially on the cusp of bikini season, sometimes just remembering that we’re all in this together and we all have our own insecurities can make a huge difference. I recently sat down with Grammy-nominated country singer Cam to talk about body positivity and how much power there is in […]

Tone Your Entire Body With This 1 Move

Short on time? Don’t skip the strength-training session — get playful with the plank! By doing multitasking variations of this basic move, you can target your arms, back, core, legs, and booty to chisel out a stronger, more toned you. RelatedYour Arms and Abs Will Transform After This 2-Week Challenge Let’s block ads! (Why?) POPSUGAR […]