How to Get the Body of a Wonder Woman Warrior, Straight From One of the Film's Actresses

8/14/178/14/17 It’s no secret that Wonder Woman is one of the hottest movies of the Summer. Not only have millions flocked to the theater to watch Diana Prince channel her inner warrior, but this action and adventure blockbuster features Hollywood heavyweights, as well as elite-level athletes, including martial artists, equestrians, a bobsledder, a heptathlete, and […]

35 Stretches Your Body Is Begging For

Rest days, recovery, self-care . . . all things that are too often overlooked. We’re here to tell you: don’t skip the stretch! Stretching is essential for keeping your body healthy, preventing injury, and ensuring that you’ll be in good shape for the next workout. After every workout, be sure to give the muscles you […]