This Creamy Vegan Curry Is Comfort in a Bowl

10/07/1710/07/17 Craving a little comfort food that won’t break the calorie bank? This dinner involves no cheese and no pizza dough, and I promise it’s not deep-fried — but it is just as warm, savory, and satisfying! After one bite of this chickpea and sweet potato curry with coconut rice, you will be sold. Each […]

Bai's Super Bowl Commercial Is About to Quench Your Justin Timberlake Thirst

Bai, the five-calorie antioxidant beverage, Christopher Walken, and Justin Timberlake just kicked off the nostalgia at Super Bowl LI. The ad opens with a very serious Christopher Walken saying, “I don’t want to make it tough, I just want to tell you that I’ve had enough,” reciting the lyrics to the *NSYNC classic “Bye Bye […]