John Krasinski Dishes on Working Out With The Rock: His Gym Is Like an “Alien Spaceship”

Ever wonder what it’s like to work out with Dwayne Johnson? Well, according to John Krasinski, it’s comparable to being in an “alien spaceship” filled with foreign equipment, he admitted during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ha, why are we not surprised? Earlier this year, John became close workout pals with The […]


21 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dishes That Aren't Plain Veggies

With turkey as the main event and animal products lurking in staple sides like stuffing and gravy, Thanksgiving can be a tough time for vegetarians. But veggie-based should never mean fun-free, so here’s a roundup of 21 creative, magnificently meatless Thanksgiving foods. Whether you’re a loyal vegetarian or committed carnivore, you’ll find many things to […]


From Mashed Potatoes to Pumpkin Pie, No One Will Guess These Thanksgiving Dishes Are Vegan

Between the turkey, gravy, and pies, Thanksgiving can be a carnivore’s delight but a vegan’s nightmare. Fortunately, we’ve put together our favorite meat-, egg- and dairy-free recipes so you can watch a delicious meal unfold. These recipes are so good, guests will be surprised to learn your secret! [Meals and Sides] [Desserts] Let’s block ads! […]