105-Year-Old Yoga Instructor: “I Don't Feel Old”

12/01/1612/01/16 Living to 100 years old seems completely miraculous on its own, so you’ll be totally stunned when you meet this inspiring woman named Lil Hansen, who just turned 105 and is teaching 70- and 80-year-olds yoga! Lil flows effortlessly from Warrior 1 to Triangle and says, “I don’t feel old,” adding, “I don’t think […]

Don't Let Miley Cyrus Fool You – This Backbend Yoga Pose Is Super Challenging to Do

11/30/1611/30/16 Miley Cyrus is back with yet another impressive yoga video on Instagram. The 24-year-old singer uploaded a video of herself mastering the superchallenging yoga pose known as Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel pose). In the clip, Miley makes the tricky pose seem effortless by pulling off the backward bend while standing up. “urdhva dhanurasana !!!! yippie! […]