Here Are 5 Science-Back Fixes For Your Waning Will Power

It’s no surprise that the majority of dieters blame a lack of self-control on their failure to reach their feel-great weight. However, if you believe that you’ve inherited the low willpower gene, think again. In fact, willpower can actually be strengthened with proper training — just like lifting weights can pump up your muscles. And […]

The Lace-Up Legging Trend Is All the Rage, and We Are Here For It

Need to give your workout clothing collection a little oomph? Let’s Spring clean your wardrobe and add some pizzazz. This ballet-inspired activewear trend is everywhere right now: lace-up, side-tying, crisscross leggings. Have you tried this style yet? This is a surprisingly affordable trend, with options in every price range. While some styles are $ 90, […]