These Iridescent New Balance Sneakers Are All We Want in Life (Plus They're Super Affordable!)

OK, so the holiday season off to a pretty strong start. Why? Because these New Balance Fuelcore Running Sneakers ($ 65) exist, obviously. The shoes have iridescent details only a wannabe unicorn or mermaid could appreciate. They’re so pretty we can’t take our eyes off of them! Plus, $ 65 is an awesome deal for […]

Avril Lavigne Updates Fans on Battle With Lyme Disease: “Those Were the Worst Years of My Life”

Avril Lavigne has kept mostly out of the spotlight since she announced her Lyme disease diagnosis back in 2015. Now, the “Complicated” singer has updated fans on her battle with Lyme disease in a letter to her fans on her website. “I spent the last few years at home sick fighting Lyme Disease,” she wrote. […]