What It's Really Like to Lose Over 25 Pounds

By the middle of my sophomore year of college, I was in the worst physical shape of my life. A mix of drinking, the freedom to eat whatever and whenever I pleased, and my mom’s cancer prognosis led to rapid weight gain and plummeting self-confidence. Every day I dragged myself to class wearing shapeless, oversize […]

My Before-and-After Might Look Like Weight Loss, but I Gained Over 10 Pounds

The author (right) with her personal trainer Imagine cutting out sugar, eating cleaner than you ever have in your entire life, working out daily, running half marathons, lifting heavier weights, getting eight hours of sleep a night, drinking plenty of water, and following literally every weight-loss tip you’ve ever heard or read about — and […]


What Does a Serving Size Look Like?

10/04/1710/04/17 Since we’re living in the age of enormous super-sized portions, bottomless this, and all-you-can-eat that, we’ve really lost sight of what an actual serving size is. And for those of us trying to lose or maintain our weight, we know we need to tone down our portion sizes, but what does that look like […]

Lady Gaga's Upcoming Documentary Shows What It's Like to Live With Fibromyalgia

9/18/179/18/17 Image Source: Getty / Walter McBride She has become such a household name that you almost can’t imagine Lady Gaga as anything else but a powerhouse performer and activist. But in an upcoming documentary on Netflix, called Gaga: Five Foot Two, Lady Gaga opens up about the very real, very human struggles she faces […]


Kayla Itsines's Sister Speaks Out on What It's Like Being Compared to the BBG Queen

8/04/178/04/17 With fitness influencers and body-positive role models inundating our social media feeds, it’s very difficult to not compare yourself to what you see on the screen, but what if that incredibly toned fitness star was your sister? Kayla Itsines is one of the most influential people in the modern fitness world, and while many […]


This At-Home Strength-Training Routine Will Make You Feel Like a Badass Ballerina

We’re constantly inspired by the unique and innovative workouts coming out of New York City, and most recently we’ve been captivated by ChaiseFitness, a workout that combines ballet, Pilates, and strength training all in one dynamic class. “Our in-studio classes incorporate an element of resistance training whether through our overhead bungee system or through resistance […]