12 Recipes For When You Want to Embrace Spring Via a Straw

Smoothies equal the go-to breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, or post-workout drink we all wish we had more time to make. Somehow fresh ingredients that are actually in season make that seemingly difficult task more intriguing, however. Commit these raspberry, mango, carrot, blueberry, and various ripe green recipes to memory and you’ll attack that blender with […]

Lose Weight, Fight Depression, and Boost Your Energy With 18 Salmon Recipes

With depression-fighting, mood-boosting omega-3s (plus anti-anxiety magnesium), immune-system-fortifying selenium, tons of protein for building strong muscles, and ample amounts of B vitamins for energy, salmon is truly a superfood (make sure you opt for wild-caught!) It’s a lean, low-calorie choice for weight loss, has a high amount of BCAAs for muscle recovery, and makes for […]

Day 1 Recipes of Our 2-Week Clean-Eating Plan

1/01/171/01/17 Welcome to Day 1 of our Clean-Eating Plan. Congratulations on taking the plunge into the world of healthy eats — you’re going to love how you feel. Today is also a prep day; with a little extra chopping and cooking, you’ll set yourself up for the rest of the week. Be sure to check […]