There's an Antibiotic-Resistant Salmonella That Contaminated Chicken in 29 States

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed on Oct. 17 that they were investigating an antibiotic-resistant salmonella outbreak linked to raw chicken products. So far, 92 people were reported to be infected from 29 states. The report revealed that the effected people reported eating different types and brands of chicken products that were […]

There's a Cannabis-Infused Bath Soak That Can Actually Help With Managing Pain and Anxiety

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Benjamin Stone Dahlia Mertens took her love for holistic healing, combined it with a massage therapy practice, and eventually birthed the cannabis-infused body product line Mary Jane’s Medicinals. Since getting the business up and running in 2009, Mertens has already seen public attitudes toward cannabis shift greatly. POPSUGAR got with […]


Constipation Got You Down? There's a Tea For That

You know that feeling when you need to go, but it just isn’t happening? Sometimes that feeling can be painful, while other times it’s just plain uncomfortable. You need to relieve yourself, but your body’s not having it. Well that, my friends, is constipation. So how do you find relief? First and foremost, if you’re […]


There's a Limit to How Much Gum You Should Chew a Day – Here's What You Should Know

When it comes to chewing gum, you’re probably thinking there’s no limit, as there’s practically zero calories and it helps entertain your mouth (saving you from, perhaps, some unwanted calories during the afternoon munchies). However, even with seemingly harmless foods, it’s important to make sure you’re not going overboard. Before going through a pack or […]

Study Shows the Apple Watch Is the Most Accurate Fitness Tracker, but There's a Catch!

10/16/1610/16/16 We’re constantly hearing different theories on fitness trackers, but researchers at Cleveland Clinic wanted to finally put an end to the discussion and determine the most accurate wrist-worn trackers that also monitor heart rate. In the study to end all studies, the Apple Watch came in first place with 90 percent accuracy, but here’s […]