I Know the Secret to Michelle Obama's Toned Arms, and It's This Workout I Just Tried

Michelle Obama has many qualities I wish to emulate (class, intelligence, and humor among them), but as a health nerd, her fervor for fitness is somewhere in my top five. My current workout obsession is trying a new boutique fitness class each week, and this week, I decided to give Solidcore, reportedly Michelle’s favorite workout, […]


Kundalini Might Be the Weirdest Yoga I've Ever Tried, but Here's Why I'd do it Again

Think about yoga, and you probably feel an instant sense of zen. There’s all that deep breathing. If being warm is your thing, then there are entire studios dedicated to allowing you to get your Downward Dog on in a hot room. And then there’s all that feel-good lingo that instructors preach in between Vinyasa […]


The Best Healthy Ice Creams We've Tried So Far

If you’re an ice-cream-lover but looking for a way to healthify your favorite indulgence (more power to ya), then boy do we have some options for you. Now more than ever, healthy ice creams are on the rise, and we are really living for it. There are so many brands and varieties to choose from, […]

I Tried a Pooping Stool and This Is What Happened

I’m pretty comfortable talking about poop. And no, it’s not just because I’ve pooped in front of an entire hospital room while giving birth, or that I’ve been pooped on more than once, have accidentally stepped in a dirty diaper (also more than once), and have even taken a bath with my daughter and saw […]