A Trainer Says This Is How Many Days a Week You Need to Do HIIT to Lose Weight

Fitness trainers and dietitians agree that the key to losing weight isn’t just about exercising hard to burn calories. Registered dietitian Leslie Langevin, MS, RD, CD, of Whole Health Nutrition, said that a big chunk of weight-loss success has to do with your diet. David Chesworth, an ACSM-certified personal trainer and wellness coach at Hilton […]

How to Prep a Week of Smoothie Freezer Packs

Not many recipes can top a sweet, refreshing smoothie for breakfast. It’s amazingly nutritious because you can throw anything from kale and beans to almond butter and chia seeds in there, it offers all the fiber, protein, and healhty fats you need to give you energy and help you lose weight, and it’s lightning-fast to […]