Yoga Mats Can Be Breeding Grounds For Germs – Here's How to Clean Yours

The euphoric feeling of knowing that you’re about to get your zen on for an awesome yoga session can evaporate quickly when you reach for a stinky, bacteria-ridden mat. And chances are they’re all going to be relatively stinky and bacteria-ridden. As necessary as mats are for a comfortable practice, they’re also perfect breeding grounds […]


These 25 Yoga Photos Are Naked and NSFW

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5 Yoga Wheel Poses For Beginners

“That yoga is so hot right now.” It’s said in a Mugatu voice. For some reason, people are always trying to spice up their yoga routines. First it was hot yoga, then aerial aka antigravity yoga; then goat yoga took off, and now yoga wheels are the hottest new fitness trend. It makes sense, though. […]


Kundalini Might Be the Weirdest Yoga I've Ever Tried, but Here's Why I'd do it Again

Think about yoga, and you probably feel an instant sense of zen. There’s all that deep breathing. If being warm is your thing, then there are entire studios dedicated to allowing you to get your Downward Dog on in a hot room. And then there’s all that feel-good lingo that instructors preach in between Vinyasa […]