The Best Fall-Flavored Snacks Live at CVS, So Form a Single-File Line

Knowing that you have a few snacks in your bag just makes it easier to get through the day. For those times when you don’t have the luxury of cooking or baking your own snacks and slipping them in your purse, it pays to know where you can get your hands on some healthy nosh. You probably didn’t realize, though, that the CVS right down the street from your office is full of tasty snacks that aren’t only good for you, but are also packed with the quintessential flavors of Fall that we can’t resist. These Fall CVS picks are extremely affordable as well, so you have every reason to stock up on your favorite goodies.

Keep in mind that a lot of these prices are for bulk purchases that you would make online, but you can certainly pop into your nearest CVS store and buy a single serving of any of these snacks . . . for a fraction of the price.

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