The Hardest Part About Getting Fit? All That Laundry

Perhaps you didn’t realize initially that fitness is less about exercise and more about an endless vortex of laundry and mountains of sweaty clothes encroaching on every inch of living space you once knew. Then there you were, only a few classes or gym sessions or runs into your journey, and suddenly you’re suffocating under sweat-soaked sports bras and leggings that you didn’t even know existed. Where did this come from? How does one workout equate to 87 loads of hang-dry-only laundry? Am I in a time warp? Is this the twilight zone?

All reasonable questions, dear fit friend. Alas, it is not a sick joke or parallel universe, but it is your reality. Laundry is nonstop when you’re livin’ that #fitlife. At least we can laugh about it?

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