Tighten and Strengthen Your Glutes in 10 Minutes With This 4-Move Bodyweight Workout

Strengthening your glutes will more than likely make your butt bigger, but that isn’t the only reason you should be working your gluteal muscles. Having strong, active gluteal muscles will help prevent dormant butt syndrome (where your glutes stop firing) and will ensure you get the most out of exercises that primarily recruit your glute muscles.

This workout can be used as a mini warmup before you do lower-body lifts, like squats and deadlifts, or it can be used as a quick booty workout.

The 4-Move Workout

Because these exercises will activate your glutes, you don’t need to warm up before performing them. Perform one set of each exercise, and take no more than 30 seconds of rest in between each move and 60 seconds in between each set. Complete four sets.

  • Single-leg glute bridge: 10 reps on each side
  • Clamshell: 10 reps on each side
  • Fire hydrant: 10 reps on each side
  • Donkey kick: 10 reps on each side

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